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Gauss Math Contest

Since 2000, TDChristian High School has overseen and marked the grade 7 and 8 Gauss Math Contest on behalf of Christian Elementary Schools in Ontario and across Canada. 

Calculator Policy

Starting with the 2018 contest, some calculators are allowed. Please click on the button below for more details.

CEMC Calculator Policy

Why Participate?

Challenge Students!

Questions that every student should be able to answer. It can be used effectively for all students.


Students (Top 25% in each grade are awarded Certificates of Distinction) and schools are ranked.

It's EASY!

We, at TDChristian High School, mark, collate, sort, organize and then send you results, as well as comparisons to other schools.

Good Feedback

Scoring analysis for your students sent confidentially to your school.

Honour Roll

Student Honour Roll and School Honour Roll (teams of 3, 6 & 10) for each grade.


Due to continued efficiencies, we are proud to say the cost to register through TDCHS is less than registering with CEMC directly.


Contact Gauss Contest Administrator if you have any questions or concerns.

Cost Per Student

Cost: $3.80 plus tax for all schools (that is a $0.20 savings compared to ordering direct from CEMC).

$4.30 including tax


Woodland Feeder Schools, Edvance and Christian School Foundation member schools qualify for sponsorship of students and shipping.

Invoices and Payment

All invoices will be sent via PayPal, and balances less than $300 can be paid via credit card/PayPal or cheque. We request invoices greater than $300 be only paid via cheque.


Yes! Every year we have a handful of grade 6 students that participate. When you register them, please ensure you add (6) to the end of their first name.

For example - Last Name: Doe / First Name: John (6)

Yes! You can write the contest on the Thursday or Friday. Contest may not be written earlier than the official contest date. Please make sure you let us know by email so that we can record the date.